The fantasy of capoting a casino is as old as the belief "casino" itself. Every gambler needs to win. Every other devises his own "system". Every hundredth efforts to carefully examine the sport. And just the few of millions triumph.

The casinos, absolutely, knows regarding the existence of "counters" and want to oppose them - from altering the rules to ban the game. Occasionally even exceeding the limits of reason and legality. In fact, all of the history of the blackjack is the struggle between the gamblers and the casino which is more adroit.

More than half a century passed since the initial attempts of conquering the casinos in blackjack, based not about the marked cards and intuition. There really has been a peck of salt eaten since then, but the struggle continues to be going on...


Likely the first person in history who employed mathematic evaluation to the game blackjack was Jess Marcum (initially Marcovitch) was created on 30th December 1919.

It occurred in the turn of 1949 and 1950, when Jess, being an outstanding mathematician and physicist-theorist got to Las Vegas. Afterward his mathematic flair prompted him that most maybe not everything depends on intuition in blackjack.

Marcum began assessing blackjack. First, the singularity of his effort is that he performed absolutely all calculations with his pen on the paper, on principle without using any technologies whatever poor they might be at that time. Second he'd found the solution!

Jess manually developed what is currently called fundamental strategy and counting procedures ten years before someone else has done that. He counted that theoretically he had an advantage on the casino of about 3% - under the conditions of that time it was fairly real. Additionally, Markum had been playing blackjack in all known to him casinos- both in the united states and abroad. His name appeared on the pages of the newspapers as an illustration of "blessed guy" who managed to hit the jackpot.

Jess Markum also went down to history as probably the very first man thrown out from the casino as a result of cards. Though at that time casinos failed to understand that such system existed. Jess lived in Vegas for about per year. The casino owners traded the information when they gathered in the general meeting. After that Markum wasn't acknowledged at all Vegas casinos. He went to Reno. Exactly the same storyline- in half per year after astounding "luck" the casino owners began making queries regarding the incredible gambler. Afterward other states and cities. Afterward Cuba, the Bahamas. Nobody knows just how much money he has won during that time. One thing is known for sure- in fact, Jess Markum started the war involving the gamblers and casinos in blackjack, that is still going on and getting more and more strained.

He didn't share his computations with anyone, and totally gave up playing against casino after a broad public publication of blackjack approaches by other writers. Jess Markum expired in 1992, in the age of 72.

The four of Neanderthals. {The next effort of great influence on the blackjack math was made in 1956 by the group of four mathematicians- Roger Baldwin, Wilbert E. Cantey, Herbert Maisel and James McDermott.

{These people had never played in casino before, having spent a terrific number of m/hr, they created basic strategy of playing blackjack based on the most popular at that time rules and printed it together using the calculation approaches in the specialized mathematics journal for statisticians - Journal of the American Statistical Association entitled "The Optimum Strategy In Blackjack".

They made several minor errors in computations which is nothing serious taking into consideration their tremendous contribution. A year after they issued a tiny book Playing Blackjack to Win, which will be now a bibliography rarity.

In fact their publication as well as the article did not spark much furor, and remained virtually without attention no matter their progressive approach.

A complicated character of poker generated in poker community a conversation on what commands in this casino game: abilities or success. Most of the folks believe that poker is a casino game the outcome of which depends on abilities of a casino player and just a small likelihood is provided to a chance. This dissertation is confirmed by facts. For instance, infamous poker players have won WSOP poker tournament for most times alone on numerous participants. Therefore, Johnny Moss has triply become a poker champ (in 1970, 1971 and 1974), a three-time poker champ is the greatest player of the 20th century Stew Ungar, he won WSOP in 1980, 1981 and 1997. Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chen have twice tried on Gold WSOP victor bracelets. In poker as in some other type of sports there's an elite of poker players who win great tournaments each year or take prize places. Merely sport compound of poker let make poker player evaluation, every year the first positions are occupied there by the poker the casino and poker rooms community.

As to the opinion of the states on the disposition of poker, here everything's more complicated and refined. Generally, in many states the authorities do not make any difference between gambling games and poker. Nonetheless such a fuddy-duddy approach has tried to break the poker community. Poker and casino games buffs connect themselves in organizations, public entities attempting to persuade the officials that poker can not be put together with roulette or slot machines.

Occasionally the authorities themselves comprehend that. For example, in the United States poker could be played not only in casinos but in unique card rooms the action of which is enabled just on the territory of the states where gambling business is prohibited. Thus, on the territory of California successfully work 91 card rooms, in Florida 16, in Washington 112, the state of Montana counts even 493 card rooms. The action of the organizations are severely controlled by the government. For instance, the laws of Florida entirely regulates the speed of the stakes in poker. This year in June got effect the law according to which the stakes in limited poker games are permitted to be increased from 2 to 5 dollars, in boundless Texas Hold'em maximum allowed speed of buy-in makes 100 dollars.

However these states are mostly exceptions. Regrettably poker for many of American officials is a risk. For many of them but not for everybody. According to this draft law such games as poker, bridge, chess shouldn't fall inside the range of the law because on the author's mind they're games where abilities reign over a opportunity.

But if in the USA the procedure for poker recognition as a skill game has just started in various other states poker scored off the conservatism of the officials.